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Delta School District is located just 30 minutes from Vancouver and touches the US border. Delta has 31 secondary and elementary schools in the communities of Delta, Ladner, and Tsawwassen. In these schools, Delta offers the IB program, a French Immersion program, and AP classes in a variety of courses including Psychology, Art, Chemistry, and Calculus. In addition to these classes, Delta has more unique specialist programs such as a Farm Roots Program and a Leadership Program.

Students in this district can make great use of gymnasiums, high-quality performing arts theatres, golf courses, video editing software, dance studios, and more.

Students in this district have the option of several Sport Academies in sports such as Baseball, Basketball, Golf, Soccer, Lacrosse, and Softball.
Delta also offers multiple Fine Arts academies, taught by local professionals in their field including Dance, Film Acting, Film Production, and Film Special Effects.

The Delta community has the lowest crime rate in the region, making Delta an extremely safe area for foreign students. Delta is surrounded on three sides by water, with scenic beaches, golf courses, and parks. The area boasts the most hours of sunshine with the driest, mildest winters in the Vancouver area. Delta has very low ESL populations, with 90% English-speaking students in many schools; so international students will learn English quickly in immersion environments.

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Información de escuela

10 - 18

Academia de actuación cinematográfica, Produccion de pelicula

Cálculo, Química, Física, Psicología, Lengua Inglesa y Composición

Francés, Alemán, Japonés, Punjabi, Español

Cálculo, Química, Física, Psicología, Lengua Inglesa y Composición

Academia de Baseball, Academia de Baile, Academia de hockey, Academia de Golf, Academia de lacrosse, Academia de fútbol, Academia de Softball

Semestre de primavera, Año de primavera, Semestre de otoño, Año de otoño